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Jul 30, 2015

Where Are Today's Florida Travelers Going?

Five hundred thousand trips between Central Florida and Miami are taken annually by Florida residents and those visiting Florida. To help ease traffic on the roads and make those trips easier on the people taking them, All Aboard Florida offers a solution: express inter-city passenger rail.

Of those 500,000 trips, Orlando and Miami continue to be the top destinations within the Sunshine State: Orlando welcomed 62 million visitors in 2014, and Miami, 14.5 million (according to Visit Orlando and Greater Miami and the Beaches).

Relaxing-On-Beach-FLThe other two stops along the All Aboard Florida route also attract their fair share of visitors: the Greater Fort Lauderdale area had 14.3 million visitors (international and domestic) in 2014, and West Palm Beach and Palm Beach County saw more than 6.2 million (international and domestic), according to Greater Fort Lauderdale and Discover the Palm Beaches.

Using cities’ public transportation infrastructures enables travelers to get from any of the All Aboard Florida stations into the communities and neighborhoods for which the areas are well-known, not to mention the beaches! With the ease of getting from one station to the next, visiting more destinations between the two end points of Miami and Orlando is even more of a viable option.

How They’ll Get There

Starting in 2017, travelers can choose any one of 16 departure times from four stations – Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach or Orlando – to travel north or south through Florida via All Aboard Florida trains. That’s 128 daily departure times!

In 2017, instead of travelers needing to rent a car to go between areas within Florida, or hopping a plane for a 30-minute flight, they’ll be able to simply climb aboard an express inter-city train and travel between Orlando and Miami in less than three hours.

Once onboard All Aboard Florida trains, passengers will find the comforts of home with amenities such as comfortable seats, snack and beverage options, and Wi-Fi, making the less-than-three hour, point-to-point trip seem even shorter while they stay connected to family and friends. All Aboard Florida will make it easier to see all of the fantastic destinations the Sunshine State has to offer.