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Jul 27, 2015

All Aboard Florida Meets Shifting Needs and Interests of Travelers

Ever since Henry Flagler built his railway into Florida in the late 1880s, visitors have been flocking to the state and there’s no sign of their slowing down anytime soon. In fact, for the first time this year, 100 million visitors – domestic and international – are expected to visit Florida, and All Aboard Florida is ready to welcome each and every one of them!

Who’s Traveling

Florida’s reach is global. In 2014, international visitors came from 188 countries around the world! Of the 100 million visitors Florida expects this year, 15.7 million will travel outside the country to Florida, with Canada, Brazil and the United Kingdom leading the pack. In just about two years, All Aboard Florida will be ready to greet these international visitors with a mode of transportation to which they’re accustomed.

Train-TravelerWith higher-speed trains and routes on historic railways first forged by Henry Flagler in the late 1800s, All Aboard Florida is putting Florida on the worldwide map and joining the ranks of global public transportation front-runners Japan, Germany, Spain and China.

Just as Americans may find it difficult to drive on the “other” side of the car and the “other” side of the road in places around the world, the same can be said for international travelers who are accustomed to traveling by public transportation, including trains. By no means is public transportation solely an international affair, many U.S. citizens also rely on public transportation as part of their daily lives.

By offering higher-speed trains for travelers to traverse the state, Sunshine State visitors will feel even more welcomed to Florida, and may even increase their visit throughout the state.