Train Talk Blog

Jul 08, 2015

All Aboard Florida Higher-Speed Trains Benefit Communities They Serve

When All Aboard Florida launches its higher-speed trains in 2017, it’s not only the riders who will benefit from the innovative service, but the communities that they serve. In fact, some of the benefits are already evident.

Stronger Local Economies

Train-Into-SunsetNow through mid-2017, more than 10,000 jobs on average will be made available per year through the All Aboard Florida project. That’s more than $2.3 billion generated in labor income in eight Florida counties: Brevard, Broward, Indian River, Martin, Miami-Dade, Orange, Palm Beach and St. Lucie. And because All Aboard Florida is privately-owned-and-operated, all of that $2.3 billion goes into the local economies. Once the rail lines are completed and service begins, more than 5,000 jobs per year on average will be available through 2021.

Jobs associated with building All Aboard Florida over the next year and a half range from contractors to local businesses who will provide goods or services at one of the four stations in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and Orlando. Right now, bids are being accepted for a variety of sub-contractor opportunities at the MiamiCentral, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach stations.

Over the next eight years, the entire state of Florida will see $6.4 billion in direct economic impact through All Aboard Florida, and their vision runs well into the future. All Aboard Florida invites the local communities’ job seekers and professionals to join in that vision.

Less Traffic Means a Healthier Environment and a Healthier You

Whether you ride All Aboard Florida’s higher-speed trains or not, one major benefit you’ll see is less traffic on the roads within our communities. The new All Aboard Florida trains mean up to 3 million vehicles will come off the road each year, which means less congestion and less time sitting in your car. This means less time sitting in traffic, less stress and frustration, less money at the gas pump, and a more positive outlook – enjoying life and doing the things one loves.

It’s not only people who will benefit from those 3 million vehicles taken off the roads. The environment will benefit from reduced greenhouse gas emissions and fuel consumption. Through the use of existing rail lines and corridors, construction of additional All Aboard Florida routes will minimally impact the communities’ natural resources that are so important to all Floridians, and those who visit the state.