Press Release

May 06, 2014

Statement From All Aboard Florida

DEIS Statement

Coral Gables, FL (May 6, 2014) - Today, we were contacted by Governor Rick Scott to discuss the process and timeframes surrounding the solicitation of public input for the All Aboard Florida project.

The Governor emphasized the need to give ample time and opportunity to the public to express their views on the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS), which is expected to be released by the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) in the next several weeks.  The DEIS report will review the potential impacts of the proposed project on the state and local communities.

Given the scale of the project, and in order to support an adequate public process, All Aboard Florida has agreed to increase the number of public forums from the previously announced six, to eight.  This will allow for one public forum in each county that the project traverses.  In addition, All Aboard Florida will notify the FRA of its willingness to extend the public comment period from its statutory 45 days to 75 days, thereby allowing an additional month for public input.

All Aboard Florida is aware of the issues and desires of the communities along our proposed route and agrees with the Governor's viewpoint that an expanded public input process is necessary given the scale of this important project.

All Aboard Florida is committed to delivering this important new infrastructure that will significantly enhance public safety, mobility and transportation options for all Floridians and visitors.