Our Supporters from the…TOURISM INDUSTRY


"All Aboard Florida is a welcome relief to the growing challenges we face in mobilizing people to and from some of our most populous cities and it will provide tourists with a convenient, cost-effective travel solution."
William D. Talbert III
President and Chief Executive Officer
Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau

"While we continue adding new places for visitors to stay and visit, what we really need is a way to bring them here in greater numbers. That's where All Aboard Florida comes in - perhaps the most noteworthy game-changer for our destination and the region. With the ability to easily and conveniently transport more visitors than ever before, the positive impact on local business and tourism overall will be tremendous."
Jorge Pesquera
President and Chief Executive Officer
Discover Palm Beach County


"The result of this partnership will define us as the center of regional transportation. We are proud that this long-planned intermodal vision will provide convenience and benefit travelers and visitors to Orlando International Airport as well as the Central Florida economy."
Frank Kruppenbacher
Greater Orlando Aviation Airport Board

"All Aboard Florida will be a great asset to Broward County and the entire state of Florida. Having seamless travel service as an option to and from Orlando will make Broward County and South Florida an even more competitive business location as the new service provides efficiencies for business people traveling around the state. Another benefit will be the private investment surrounding the FEC stations that will drive large capital investments and create numerous new jobs."
Bob Swindell
President and CEO
Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance

Our Supporters from the…BUSINESS COMMUNITY


"Passenger rail offers great potential for meeting future travel needs, given current and future transportation challenges."
Mark Wilson
President and Chief Executive Officer
Florida Chamber of Commerce

"...We are excited at the prospect All Aboard Florida presents to enhance and ignite the economic ties between Florida's largest marketplaces and the robust, influential Hispanic business communities that thrive there. Hispanic residents, businesses and visitors alike will surely embrace the All Aboard Florida service. Hispanics do business and visit family throughout the state, while our in-bound Latin and South American visitors have made Florida a travel destination of choice. It connects Florida's two largest Hispanic communities: Central and South Florida."
Julio Fuentes
President and Chief Executive Officer
Florida State Hispanic Chamber of Commerce


"The Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches is proud to express our strong support for All Aboard Florida. For more than 20 years, there has been rising demand for an efficient and timely passenger rail service connecting Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Every one of those early discussions required taxpayers to pay for the initial capital cost to construct the system and provide an ongoing operating subsidy for the passenger rail system. That is why it is so exciting that a private company – All Aboard Florida- is investing over $1.5 billion in private capital to better our community and give us a transportation solution we wanted for decades."
Dennis Grady
President and Chief Executive Officer
Chamber of Commerce of the Palm Beaches

"All Aboard Florida is an economic engine that will help drive Florida's new economy; as was done by Henry Flagler one hundred years ago, when Orlando, Inc. (Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce), was just beginning."
Shari Dingle Sandifer
Chief Executive Officer
Orlando Regional Chamber of Commerce

"As a business leader, All Aboard Florida holds great promise to strengthen workforce, consumer and business initiatives in various sectors that will ultimately create greater opportunities for all Floridians."
Mark A. Trowbridge
President & CEO
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce

"We welcome the return of passenger rail to Florida's east coast.... having passenger rail service make a comeback means a future stop here is a greater possibility than it ever was before. Let's not lose sight of the possibilities a project like All Aboard Florida can bring."
Jim Rathbun
Community leader, Businessman and Resident
Indian River County

Our Supporters from… ELECTED OFFICIALS
"All Aboard Florida will be a truly transformative project, bringing thousands of jobs to our region and redefining travel between Central and South Florida. As Mayor of Orange County, I have been focused on investing in infrastructure and promoting environmentally-friendly initiatives that enhance our quality of life. All Aboard Florida is more than just a sustainable form of transportation. It will connect Florida's two premier medical research institutes, Scripps in Palm Beach County and Sanford-Burnham in our new Medical City campus, and provide new opportunities to attract people in the health care and research profession to Orange County."
Teresa Jacobs
Orange County Mayor

"We have spent the past decade focused on enhancing our transportation network. The addition of All Aboard Florida is perfect timing as SunRail becomes operational next year. We are ensuring our region's competitive advantage by developing a complete transportation solution that will grow our economy, bring new jobs to our community and make us an even more attractive destination for tourists."
Buddy Dyer
City of Orlando Mayor

"For decades, Broward County's residents and businesses have advocated for passenger rail in the FEC corridor, and soon that vision will become a reality with All Aboard Florida. The downtown Fort Lauderdale station will help stimulate our economy and boost our tourism industry."
Barbara Sharief
Broward County Mayor

"This is an exciting day for the City of Fort Lauderdale. All Aboard Florida's station will be an ideal complement to the forward-thinking transportation initiatives and development we have planned for our city and aligns with our `Fast Forward Fort Lauderdale' vision. This intercity passenger rail system, station and transit-oriented development will continue to solidify our city as a world class destination and a great place to live, work and play."
John P. "Jack" Seiler
City of Fort Lauderdale Mayor

"It's hard to think of an area that is more geared to transit-oriented development. The bus terminal is there. The Wave station will be there. You can't get any more transit-centric than that."
Lee Feldman
Fort Lauderdale City Manager

"It's time to get on board with All Aboard Florida. Florida's economy is 'transportation-based' and our quality of life is dependent on a reliable and varied transportation system. The return of passenger rail - an efficient mode of transportation for moving people in great numbers - is not only exciting but needed and long overdue."
Matthew Ubben
President of Floridians for Better Transportation (FBT)

Our Supporters from the…THE MEDIA
"Sometimes government needs to do things the private sector can't - run prisons, build roads and bridges, operate airports and ports, etc. Sometimes, though, private industry can do what government can't. Like run an efficient, affordable, convenient passenger rail service between two of the state's major cities. And if the Miami-Orlando route is successful, look for AAF to create more passenger rail links to Tampa and Jacksonville. I'm on board, how about you?"
Michael Putney
Senior political reporter for WPLG Local 10 news